Drivers Education


Leadership with Character

School to Career



CREDIT: One Credit
COURSE LENGTH: 30 Hours of Classroom Instruction GR : Must be 14 and 12 Hours of Laboratory Instruction
PREREQUISITE: STUDENT NEEDS TO POSSESS A VALID LEARNER'S PERMIT (20 hours driving time with parents as required by the State of Iowa)
Content Description:
The Drivers Education course is designed to instruct and train young drivers to become safe and mature drivers on our streets and highways. Basic fundamentals of driving are stressed in a logical progressive sequence. Plenty of on-the-street and highway driving is provided and students are placed in all possible driving situations. Besides the practical aspects of the course, there are thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction designed to develop a positive attitude towards driving.
Objectives: 1.) To learn the basic skills necessary for safe driving. 2.) To develop a positive attitude towards other drivers. 3.) To learn good defensive driving techniques. 4.) To develop a pride in being a safe and accident free driver. 5.) To gain a philosophy of democracy with other drivers on the road and an appreciation of the great responsibility in driving. . 

CREDIT: Two Credits
GRADE LEVEL: 9, 10,11,12
Content Description:
Humanities is a course that integrates the study of art, music, literature, social science, and economics, focused around a central theme that changes from year-to-year. Students completing a full year of Humanities can receive credit for 1 semester of social studies towards their Southern Cal graduation requirements. They may receive Social Studies credit for each of the first 2 years of taking Humanities, but not for a 3rd or 4th year.
Objectives: 1.)To do research as assigned during the first semester. 2.) To integrate information from one area and apply the knowledge to another. 3.) To develop a prepared speech as well as participating in impromptu speaking and interviewing techniques. 4.) To participate in competitive and noncompetitive activities involving the class curriculum (optional).


CREDIT: One Credit
GRADE LEVEL: 9,10,11,12
PREREQUISITE: Students Must Apply and Interview with a panel of high school instructors to be accepted into this course.
Content Description:
Leadership with Character is designed to train students in character related areas such as personal self-image, respectful relationships with others, goal setting, positive mental attitude, desire, commitment, and dedication to task. This course will use resources such as Zig Ziglar's Stairway to the Top, Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The major goal of the class is to reinforce behaviors in students that reflect high levels of character and respect for others.
1.) To become leaders within the student body.
2.) To incorporate volunteerism as part of a student's overall educational process. 3.) To act as mentors for other students their age and younger. 4.) To seek out adult mentors who can serve as positive role models in their lives.


CREDIT: One per hour of class (2 maximum)
COURSE LENGTH: One or Two Semesters

PREREQUISITE: Career Communications class is strongly suggested. Selection is through an application and interview process. Enrollment is limited.
Content Description: Selection is through an application and interview process. School-to-Career is an academic opportunity to gain additional career exploration and training beyond what can be accomplished in the regular classroom. Students should be doing average work or above in all other academic areas. Students will be scheduled for worksite attendance for 1-3 periods during the school day. Learning experiences will take place at sites other than the high school building, and students will provide their own transportation. Each student will complete a portfolio by the end of the school year.
Objectives: School-to-Career 1.) To participate in career exploration activities and experiences. 2.) To introduce students to career exploration, employable skills, communication and general aspects of the world of work. 3.) To correlate interests and abilities with possible career choices. 4.) To understand the responsibility of employment.

CREDIT: One Credit
COURSE LENGTH: One or Two Semesters
GRADE LEVEL: 9,10,11,12
PREREQUISITE: Must be identified as GAT to participate in GAT Seminar. 
Content Description:
This seminar is an interdisciplinary class that allows GAT students to interact and develop in-depth investigations into a variety of subject areas and to explore a topic using an inter-disciplinary approach with an emphasis on higher level thinking and creative thinking skills. The curriculum is based on an individual's needs and desires but several core areas are addressed, including improved self-understanding and college/career exploration. The students will be allowed to take on-line classes.
1.) To enhance the emotional well-being and development of the GAT student. 2.) To develop independence, self-direction, and discipline in learning. 3.) To increase the student's use of higher level thinking and creative thinking skills. 4.) To provide the opportunity to explore advanced content and to produce an advanced product.

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