South Central Calhoun High School

Monday, August 25, 2014


Happy Birthday to…    Drew Pochinski


Lunch:  Hot Dog on WG Bun, French Fries, Green Beans, Pears


Today’s Activities:        JV Volleyball vs. N-F, SE Valley @ LAKE CITY 6:00 p.m.


·         Study Halls

1.   Bring work for the entire period

2.   Checkouts will not be allowed, without permission

3.   All study halls in:

a)    Lunch Room, except for 5th & 6thperiods; these will be in the auditorium or a classroom

2.       Students will work independently, unless permission from supervisor

3.       Computer research with a pass from a teacher only.


·         Absence is defined as a student not being present for class.  The school determines excused or unexcused absences.  A call or note from home is only to inform the office you may be gone from school.

A)    Excused

1.     Parents call school

2.     Make up work

a)       Number of days plus one

b)      Absence longer than 3 days

1.  Bring a statement from the Doctor's office

c)    Accepted reasons found on page four in the Parent/Student Handbook

3.     Unexcused

a)       May make up work for knowledge only.

4.     Excessive Excused Absences:

a)    The school may contact the parents after the fourth absence of a quarter.

b)      A meeting may be arranged with the parents to discuss the attendance record of their child.  In this meeting a plan can be developed to address the student’s attendance issues.

5.     Excessive Unexcused Absences:

a)       The school may contact the parents after any unexcused absence.

b)       A meeting may be arranged with the parents and student to discuss the attendance record of the student after the fifth unexcused absence.

6.     Make up slips

a.     Picked up before 8:20 a.m. in Mrs. Green’s office.

b.     If the school receives a call from a parent then a note may not be needed

c.     Failure to pick up your slip may result in an office disciplinary action.

7.     Advanced make-up slips

a.        For all advanced make up slips you will need a note from your parents

b.       Failure to do so may result in the absence being unexcused and/or disciplinary action being taken.

c.        Student must attend for the stated purpose on the advanced make slip, if not then they must be in school.

8.     Tardies

a)    A tardy is defined as a student not being seated in the room with all materials ready for class activities at the time the second bell rings.

b)    Consequence for being tardy to class or school as assigned by the teacher are found on page four in the Parent/Student Handbook.

c)    Each semester will start with a clean slate

d)    Activity Participants:  If you are absent during the school day, you may not be allowed to practice or participate.  Best advice:  Have your parents check with the office before the absence occurs.



•Congratulations to the SCC FFA Members who participated in the Livestock Judging and Meats Judging Contests on the ISU campus this past Saturday. The Livestock Judging team of Colin Carlson, Colin Corey, Kelsi Carlson, and Micah Lantz earned 20th place and the Meats Judging team of Sydney Batz, Megan Hardy, and Joel Henely earned 13th place.


•Student Council Members:  We will be meeting TOMORROW during guided study hall in Mr. Olson’s room to continue planning for Homecoming.  Please be there!


•Seniors will have a class meeting with Mr. Martin TODAY at 3:00 p.m. in the library.


•Starting TODAY:  The Rockwell City Shuttle Bus will be leaving at 3:05.  If you ride this shuttle, please report to the gym lobby right after 8th hour.


Football t-shirt and sweatshirt forms are available in the office. They are due with payment (correct change) TUESDAY.


•JV Volleyball will be at Lake City tonight starting at 6:00 p.m.


•Lunchroom Etiquette:  Please do not leave gum on the trays and please stack the trays when dropping them off.  Thank YOU!! - Cooks


•Add/Drop classes with Mr. Knapp or Mr. Martin by 3:00 p.m.TODAY.


•Mr. Case’s and Mr. Trost’s P.E. students:  Do not dress out today for class.


•New Guided Study Hall lists are posted.  Please report to these locations today.  IF YOU ARE A ROCKWELL CITY SHUTTLE BUS RIDER:  After 8th hour go directly to the gym lobby.  Your bus will be leaving at 3:05.


•Baseball uniforms that need to be turned in to Mr. Carlson -Matt Toms.  Chad McClintock to Lamphier.  ALL UNIFORMS NEED TO BE TURNED IN OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN YOUR GAME FRIDAY NIGHT 8/29/14.


•The following softball uniforms need to be turned in:  Vanessa Squire, Cassie Thompson, Annie Knutson, Dez Blankenship.  ALL UNIFORMS NEED TO BE TURNED IN TODAY OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN YOUR GAME TONIGHT.


•Titan Volleyball t-shirts for sale.  Orders with payment (correct change) are due TUESDAY.  


•Fine Arts t-shirts for sale:  Orders with payment (correct change) are due Friday, September 5th.


•If you would like an agenda – see Becky!


•Junior Class is selling Titan Metal Yard Art.  Pick up order forms in Becky’s office.  DUE AUGUST 29th.


•TODAY – 9th hour TAG meeting in the lunchroom, if you questions, see Mrs. Linn.  If you ride the RC shuttle, see Mrs. Linn MONDAY.


•For Lunch:  you need to choose at least one fruit OR one vegetable and you may have both!!


•SCC FFA Dues will be $25.00 per person.  This will include:  a t-shirt, State and National Dues.  Please pay Mr. Carlson, Mr. Lantz, Aubrey Richardson or Natasha Klocke by September 15th.






Please sign up for Friday treats on Becky’s white board.  Lots of Blanks to fill in!


Friday Treats this week:  Everyone bring one.




Brody Goodman, Rylan Richardson, Jordan Ludwig, Selena Polendo, Ally Blanchfield, Kiana Sebastian, Jane Kipp


Jordan Payne out @ Noon, Jennifer Woolsey out @ 3:00