Kruse's Korner

Notes from the Superintendent’s Desk

During the September school board meeting it was a time for change following the results of the recent school board election.  Ron Maulsby and Brad Assman both choose not to run again for the board making way for new leadership.  I want to thank Ron and Brad for their desire to help improve the school district.  They have left the district in a strong position; a position to continue on its journey to move from good to great!

Nick Spencer and Jason Hawkins join other members of the board including:  Judy Hungate, board president, Roger McKinney, board vice president, Darci Lightner, Kari Musselman, and Alan Wedemeyer.  The school district is divided into two director districts divided by county road D46 with a northern and southern part to the district.  Each district must have three board members who reside in that portion of the district; the final position on the board is an at-large position.

Board members have three main responsibilities:  1) setting the annual budget; 2) approving policies; and 3) evaluating the superintendent and board secretary positions.  In addition they serve on a wide variety of committees to promote communication between the district and the community.

The official school count day this year is Monday, October 2.  Districts have until October 15 to work out enrollment issues with other school districts.  A school districts enrollment information is one of the pieces of the puzzle in planning the budget for the next school year.  The other factor to consider is the state supplemental rate set by the legislation.  Last year the legislation set the SSA at 1.11%.

On a positive note, SCC students who took the ACT test scored well above the state average for the fourth year in a row.  Areas tested include reading, math, science, and a general all around score.  The ACT is an indicator of college readiness.  Iowa generally has one of the highest percentages in the nation to other states taking the ACT test, so it is a good indicator if your district scores higher than the state of Iowa average.  This continues to speak highly of all staff in the district and the dedication to learn by students.

It is the policy of the South Central Calhoun Community School District to not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socioeconomic status in its programs, activities or employment practices.  Questions or grievances related to this policy may be addressed to the district’s Equity Coordinator, Wendi Geno, at South Central Calhoun CSD, 1000 Tonawanda Avenue, Rockwell City, IA 50579 or call 712-297-7222.

Posted 9.25.2017